Hi, I'm E.K. Weaver, a comic artist and illustrator living in Texas. I create my own original comics while also working on lettering and SFX for multiple publishers.


The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (524pp)
TJ & Amal: Make It Easy, Take Your Time (in progress)
TJ & Amal: Five Years Ago and Three Thousand Miles Away (48pp)
TJ & Amal: Whisper Grass (28pp)
Smut Peddler: Kung Fu Hustlers (22pp)
Smut Peddler: My Monster Boyfriend (26pp)
Smut Peddler: Silver (22pp)
Yuki Onna (10pp)
Multiple fan comics/doujinshi (172pp)
And two shorts for the Homestuck offshoot Paradox Space.

Please contact me for a complete list of lettering projects and clients. Lettering/SFX samples are available in my ==portfolio.==

I am a bisexual woman who works on both SFW and NSFW art --much of it queer art-- for a living. For my own safety I block people who express hostility towards these aspects, whether in myself or in others.

Although I don't post explicit NSFW on my Twitter, my art and comics --as well as some of the comics I letter-- are for mature audiences. As a courtesy, I try to block minors and those who are upset by adult content.

If you're blocked and don't know why, it's most likely because of Twitter Block Chain, which blocks a Twitter user and all their followers, in order to avoid dogpiles. You were probably following someone who harassed me, and you probably didn't know. It's not personal.

My DMs are mutuals-only and my notifs are curated.

If you need to reach me, other contacts are in the icons below.

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